The Tumblr basics to know

Business owners should learn Tumblr basics to help them improve their businesses.  Social media has made it easier for businesses to become more productive.

Using the Tumblr basics makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the platform to advance their marketing strategy and goals.

Tumblr Basics

What do you know about Tumblr? The platform has become one of the popular business platforms that you can use for your branding or marketing.

Millions of blogs make use of Tumblr to share life updates, GIFs, and pop culture memes. Businesses can write blog posts, share photos or videos with their customers with the platform.

When businesses sign up for a Tumblr account, they can create their blogs.  You can easily acclimate to the dashboard of the platform.

What to know about Tumblr basics

After the search bar comes a row of buttons. You can seen the trending posts when you click on the Explore button.

The inbox icon is designed for private messages, and the Messages tab is for instant chat. For the Activity tab, you can find notifications such as likes and reblogs.

With the New Post button, you can create a text, photo, quote, link, and chat, audio or video post.

The Tumblr basics should be learned by business owners to help them achieve better in their goals. You can do better with Tumblr if you understand how it works.

Over the years, the platform has become popular with more businesses embracing it. The reason is that many businesses have found better ways to improve their goals or productivity.

Before you start using Tumblr, you understand how social media works for businesses.  Social media platforms are exceptional for businesses who want to engage with their customers.

Tumblr Basics

Types of Tumblr Blog Posts

We have seven types of blog posts you can use. These seven blog posts include:

Text:  Business owners can create their text posts when they enter a title and type in whatever text you want to share. With the Tumblr basics, you can understand how to place your text.

Quotes:  With the quote posts, businesses can share quotes from books or individuals.

Chats:  With the Chat posts, businesses can share conversations and share post content with chat posts.  Under the title box is a text box that will format their chat to look like an instant message conversation.

Links:  With Links, businesses can share links. When they pasted links, they can see the preview that includes the title and image, and another box below.

Photos: Business owners can upload images or sets of images.  Tumblr allows users to arrange pictures in several ways.

Videos:  With the Tumblr basics, you can learn how to embed videos from websites, such as YouTube, or upload your own.

Audio: The Audio posts are generally for music. However,  businesses can record audio posts, and share them on their blogs.

The Tumblr basics terminology

Do you know Tumblr terminology?

Reblogging: Reblogging works like retweeting on Twitter. With reblogging, business can reblog their posts, include commentary or images.

Tumblr Basics

Notes: The Tumblr basics help businesses to like or reblog their posts, which are called notes displayed under a post.

Businesses are embracing the platform because they have learned more about Tumblr basics.

Asks: One of the features businesses can use on Tumblr to communicate with their customers.  Each blog comes with Ask box that let users sends comments or questions.

With Ask, business owners can respond privately or publicly to a person’s question.

Submit:  With Tumblr basics, you can learn about Submit button.

Hashtags: Businesses owners can make use of hashtags beneath their posts or organize posts as well.

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