The best of social media guide

The best social media has become what many businesses are using to market their products and services without difficulty.

What do you know about the best social media platforms? We have seen social media took over our lives virtually, and directly.

For businesses, they need to understand the best social media to help them strategize their marketing and campaigns.

How do the best social media platforms work?

The Best of Social Media

The key to achieving success as a business on social media is to adopt the right platform for your brand. A wrong platform might not give you the desired result you want.

The best social media pros and cons

We have listed some of the pros and cons of the best social media you can use for your business. Here are what you should know about  the best social media:

Facebook: the best social media

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on earth. The platform has dominated the social sphere for years with billions of active users.

Businesses make use of this media in carrying out their campaigns, and Facebook has been at the forefront of social business.


Due to Facebook’s extensive reach and appeal, businesses can make use of its business pages in reaching their target customers easily.

Businesses can advertise their products and services and it goes viral on the platform.  The business page is easier to create.

Business owners are advised to post mostly their products or services to give them a serious appeal to their audience.

While the platform is for leisure and communication, a business owner must know how to draw the line between fun and business.


Many people are not aware that Facebook has its drawbacks. The best social media might be the solution to millions of businesses around the world; it has its cons too.

Facebook requires that you interact and engage with your audience. That means you should have a team to help you achieve engagement.

Facebook is fitted for smartphones, which can have a negative effect on its business page.

The Best of Social Media

Twitter: The best social media

When it comes to using Twitter for business, many people are not aware of its massive impact on businesses. Twitter is among the platforms you can use for your business.

The platform offers opportunities for both small and large brands. Most brands have a Twitter business account because of the usefulness of the platform.


While Twitter does not have a broad audience as that of Facebook, it is very easy to access. Twitter allows business owners to be engaging, informative, and concise in a tweet.

The more a tweet is retweeted, it becomes a viral post that has the potential of giving your business a larger audience and recognition.


Twitter limits users to 280 characters per message. What this means is that you have little space to do shoot your campaign or message.


Instagram is listed among the best social media platforms for both individuals and businesses.  The growth of the platform is exponential and active users are in the billions.


The platform is a haven for young people. That means it is easier to target people based on interest. You decide the type of people you want when you advertise your product or service.

Short videos and photos containing short text do very well on the platform. With Instagram, you can use the same content across multiple networks.


Users need to have decent photographing skills to excel. The next drawback is that users have little space for you to describe your photos outside of photo captions.

The Best of Social Media

LinkedIn: The best social media

LinkedIn is for professional contacts and networking. Businesses can connect on a professional level on the platform.


LinkedIn users respond better to B2B contentTumblr Basics for Business Owners as opposed to B2C posts.  Most influencers and decision-makers of the business world are on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn has fewer users than the other platforms discussed above.

YouTube: The best social media

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. Music and comedy do particularly well on this platform.


YouTube has a variety of options for users.. You can make instructional videos, product reviews, and similar kinds of content for your target market. YouTube videos is displayed in Google search results


YouTube videos need to be high quality, entertaining and informative to gain traction.

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