Today, most entrepreneurs already built their online presence and it is a good way to attract more customers, making them realize that every product or service is valuable. The first and crucial step is to let people know who you really are. There are many good products in the market and making yourself stand out by creating an interesting Twitter profile can make a difference

Here are a few tactics to make yourself different from the majority: 

  1. Create a separate account when necessary.   

If you’ve already sent countless tweets using a ≈, it’s better to make a separate business account. You need to separate private life and business. 

  1. Create a simple message but with direct approach in your profile. 

Telling people about what you can exactly do gives you an advantage. If you’re doing your best to attract highly qualified leads, highlighting your strengths is a nice strategy.       

  1. Uploading a clear and professional photo. 

You don’t have to wear a tuxedo. A good haircut, clean-shaven face is enough to look professional. Remember that you’re a business owner and most people want to see who’s behind the curtain. 

  1. Use your brand’s relevant keywords. 

As an entrepreneur, your company’s products and services make you stand out. Think of the keywords that are relevant to your business. It’ll help to increase visibility on search engines. The meta description should be specific so when readers find it, they’ll realize that this is what they need. 

  1. Consider using a professional Twitter login.  

Avoid funny usernames or logins that sound too unprofessional. If you want the brand to be more popular, the username must be aligned with your image. Usernames like toosexy4u and toohot2handle don’t sound good for an entrepreneur.  

  1. Adding the location if needed. 

If the current business is initially focusing on branches locally, one practical tip is to include the location so the system can automatically suggest some of your branches in that area to users. 

  1. Your call to action strategy. 

Adding Get to your Twitter handle is a clever move. This can be a subtle way to put your call to action without being too pushy. 

  1. Never ignore the benefit of a pinned tweet.  

Updating a tweet in your profile can be a great idea to promote your company’s new products and services. It’s also another method to get noticed by more users on Twitter. 

We all live in the digital era and using the power of technology especially in business can make wonders when done correctly. It takes time but it’s all worth it. 

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