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Free Productivity Apps to Help Business Management

There are numerous free productivity apps you can use to boost your productivity as an ecommerce store owner.

To keep you on track and organized, you need most of these free productivity apps in your smart device. Most of them come free, while a few are premium products.

Free Productivity Apps

If there is something that every business owner has in common, it is the same number of hours in a day. You have a lot of difficult decisions to make often and time determines your effectiveness.

How do you handle your tasks without losing concentration or time? With these free productivity apps, you can get better with your time and tasks.

Do you know how to prioritize your time as a busy entrepreneur? Do you know the type of free productivity apps that your competitors use to keep abreast?

 Types of free productivity apps

We have rounded up some of the best free productivity apps you can use. Here are some of our listed apps that can help you become productive:


Many of us make use of Evernote for many tasks. For some commerce store owners, Evernote is becoming their daily lifesaver.

The app synchronizes on all smart devices. You do not worry about missing smart devices and the important information on your Evernote.

You can access your note from any part of the world. You can share notes with clients and team members.

Evernote can save time when you use it for important business tasks.


Have you used FollowUpThen? The app is among the free productivity apps you will love to use. The app helps you connect with your clients.

You do not have to miss important dates with people. You reach back out to those you have to meet. It helps you take appropriate action on every task you forgot.

Free Productivity Apps

The app helps you remember upcoming events, birthdays, and many other events you might have not remembered to follow up.


Free productivity apps such as Hugo have been designed to make keeping notebooks and stacks. It helps you collaboratively prepare, assign tasks, take notes, share, or integrate with other work apps.

Hugo is simpler to use and help you with its calendar connection organization.


Do you want free productivity apps that let you create voice recordings or quick videos to show your client or teammates over a task?

Loom is the app for you. It can help you take notes and refer a particular note, and has a Chrome extension.

You start your recording of videos without a set up with the Loom productive app.

Why do you need free productivity apps?

Why should you make use of these free productivity apps? As a busy store owner, you have lots of things to do in a day.

You might not work effectively if you do not prioritize these tasks. These free productivity apps have been created to help you become more effective.


With Notion, you are steady kept in a well-organized workflow manner. You can collaborate with others and in real-time.

Notion helps you with the to-do-list that helps you stay on track. You feel powerful with the way Notion helps you handle your daily tasks.


Free productivity apps like Otter have been created to help you take amazing notes. For people who produce content in meetings or interviews, this app is perfect.

With Otter, you can do a lot of listening and less of writing, while it does the writing and transcription for you.


When it comes to free productivity apps, PartnerHere keeps you happy with your work. It is a platform that helps you create no cash deals or connect.

You connect with other business owners with this app. You meet people who can help you with the task, while you do other things.

Free Productivity Apps


You save time when you make use Streak, a free plug-in with Gmail that is built into G Suite. It features reusable templates or snippets for your many tasks.

You can mail merge to connect many clients at once, and each of these emails come with a customized touch.


Trello is among the free productivity apps that can help you with your personal goals. The app has lists, cards, and boards that let you organize your projects.


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