Simple tips to reduce email bounce rate

The tips to reduce email bounce rate will help your business perform better because email marketing is a vital engine for your brand.

These tips to reduce email bounce rate come in many forms and can be implemented with ease. The email bounce rate is among the key performance indicators for business marketing.

Tips to Reduce Email Bounce Rate

One way to engage customers is through email marketing.  Emails offer businesses a great return on investment when you use it effectively.

With the tips to reduce email bounce rate, you can shape the efforts you make in your marketing campaigns.

The tips to reduce email bounce rate to implement

Before we talk about the tips to reduce email bounce rate, you should know what an email bounce rate means.

That means the number of emails you sent that did not get delivered or bounced back. When you have a high email bounce rate, it affects your email deliverability and engagement.

Soft bounce:  This type of bounce happens when you have a server issue or a full inbox. It is temporary and does not cause problems for your team.

Hard bounce:  This bounce rate is a permanent delivery failure, which happens when the domain has expired, an email address is incorrect, or an email labeled spam.

The tips to reduce email bounce rate include the following:

Tips to Reduce Email Bounce Rate

Cleaning the email list regularly.

Over time, some email addresses can become inactive over many reasons. When this happens, you should remove such email address.

When you scrub your email list often, it brings down your bounce rate. We have third-part services that can help you determine the addresses that are inactive or bounce your messages.

Ensure emails aren’t spammy.

One of the tips to reduce email bounce rate is to push out quality and relevant emails that are not spammy.

When you are pushing out your email messages, you should be captivating and thoughtful. This helps you avoid getting your emails sent to spam folders.

How to escape spam filters with tips to reduce email bounce rate

  • You should check for broken images in your emails and formatting issues.
  • Stay away from commonly used languages or words like act now, free, or 100% satisfied.
  • You should add your phone number and company’s address in the email footer.
  • Do not use imposing subject lines.

Double your opt-ins.

Tips to Reduce Email Bounce Rate

You should implement a double opt-in strategy for your new subscribers. This helps you stay away from the spam folders.

How does this work?  A double opt-in needs a contact to ensure that the email address is authentic through an initial email the subscribers used during registration.

When their emails are correct, it becomes easier to stay away from the spam folder.

Why the tips to reduce email bounce rate are vital to businesses

Segment email lists by engagement.

You can reduce your email bounce rate when you segment your email lists by engagement.  One of the tips to reduce email bounce rate is by analyzing the different metrics.

This helps you understand your click-through rates, junk mails, and other email challenges.  Segmentation by engagement with your email lists is important.

Send campaigns consistently.

You should send email campaigns consistently. You should stay in contact with your customers to help them inform them of what you are doing.

The product announcements or newsletters you send regularly can keep them alert of your email messages. Irregular email messages can end up in their spam folder.

Avoid buying email lists.

You should not buy email lists for your marketing email.  That can increase your email bounce rates. Those who never opted in to your emails can blacklist your business.

When that happens, it can be a difficult situation to send out emails.

Use your own domain.

You should make use of your own domain in sending out emails to avoid spam detection.  Businesses should make use of their domain is sending out messages.

Sending emails from an owned domain is another simple way to avoid spam detection, as it legitimizes your business. While free Gmail or Yahoo accounts may be acceptable for personal correspondence, professional communications should always come from a company email address.

Invite contacts to update their information.

One of the tips to reduce email bounce rate is by inviting your contacts to update their information. When you do this, you can reduce your bounce rate.

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