The best business phone systems

Today, the best business phone systems serve you better with advanced features and functionalities. Gone are the days when these business phones have limited functionalities.

With the best business phone systems, you can communicate easily with your staff and customers.  These gadgets offer ease of use to their users.

 Business Phone Systems

What to know about best business phone systems

Before you pick your best business phone systems, you should consider their flexibility, ease of use, tools, and features.

Here is a list of some of the hone systems for your business:


RingCentral is designed as one of the best business phone systems for collaborations. It helps in servicing any business’s need.

It offers Office’s cloud-hosted VoIP unified communications system, which serves different businesses. You can easily be installed and offers a vast array of collaboration, calling, and mobile features.

RingCentral is available in different business plans, ranging from small, midsize to large companies. The phone system offers features you would love.

Some of the features include call forwarding, call logs, virtual receptionists, message alerts, hold music, and answering rules.


Nextiva is among the best business phone systems for CRM integration. It comes with a built-in CRM solution, which functions with its phone system.

Nextiva works as a cloud-hosted unified communications system, which is great for businesses that want to combine their CRM services and phone system.

The phone system offers its built-in CRM solution to support customer support and sales teams. That ensures that workflow automation, case status, sales pipeline management, and others are effective.

Powerful best business phone systems


Ooma is one of the best business phone systems for your remote teams.  The phone system is a cloud-hosted system, which proves all communication tools to help remote teams.

The system provides desktop apps and robust, mobile, which lets its users access their business phones in any part of the world.

It comes with desktop and mobile apps that let users make and receive calls, send messages, use click to call, and set up their configurations.


Dailpad is one of the best business phone systems for voice intelligence. The system provides you with artificial intelligence to offer post-call and in-call advice or summaries.

It provides the same functionality as a mobile device, traditional desk phone, or computer. Dialpad comes with voice intelligence technology

The phone system provides you with call transcripts that can be fed into your CRM systems. Some of the features include SMS messaging, unlimited calling, multilevel auto-attendants, and more.

 Business Phone Systems

Why do you need the best business phone systems?


Vonage is among the best business phone systems  for Microsoft Teams Integration. It provides a direct routing with Microsoft Teams.

This platform allows you to make and receive calls from the Teams platform. Its robust cloud-hosted VoIP unified communications system helps you with collaboration, calling, and mobile needs.

Vonage’s deep integration with Microsoft Teams let you have access to Vonage’s PBX functionality directly from the Teams platform.


GoToConnect is listed among the best business phone systems for tools and features. It offers every valuable calling and collaboration tool for businesses.

It has extensive tools and features and comes with mobile tools, collaboration, calling, and other features. It has a cloud-hosted VoIP system.

GoToConnect provides you with paging, hot desking, ring groups, intercoms, hold music, custom greetings, call screening, dial by name and extension, Find Me/Follow Me, and call forward.

 Business Phone Systems


Grasshopper is among the best business phone systems with PBX features and tool access. It is a perfect solution for businesses.

It offers you a dedicated phone number, including your employees by extension.  It offers an automated attendant when a call is put forward.

Grasshopper has features, such as on-hold music, voicemail, voicemail-to-email, voicemail transcription, online faxing, a dial-by-name directory, call screening, and business texting.


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