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WooCommerce Simple Tutorial for Beginners

The WooCommerce simple tutorial will help first-time users adjust to the e-commerce platform fast.

With the number of e-commerce stores, users try to use the best for their brands.

The commerce simple tutorial has been designed to give users step-by-step teaching of what they are expected to do.

WooCommerce Simple Tutorial

If you want to start your online business with WooCommerce, you should understand that you do not have to be a techy user to excel in it.

The WooCommerce is cost-effective, simple to manage, and super flexible for users. The platform is the most popular e-commerce shopping platform.

Many users often feel scared of starting their business with the platform or struggle to properly use the platform for their business.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the free e-commerce software that ensures users sell their products and services on the internet.

Many small and large online stores make use of it to sell to millions of people around the world. WooCommerce is an extension of the most popular WordPress. 

The platform allows users to create their e-commerce site from scratch until it becomes functional. 

The store platform is free and easy to download.

WooCommerce Simple Tutorial

However, you need a web hosting service and a domain name to set up your website. This will cost user money to achieve.

The challenge of accepting payments online has been solved by WooCommerce that allows you to integrate seamlessly with many payment gateways and services.

WooCommerce simple tutorial makes you understand that the platform supports PayPal. 

WooCommerce simple tutorial to make a store 

With the WooCommerce simple tutorial, you will need the following items to create your WoodCommerce site.

  • A domain name that helps users find your website.
  • A WordPress hosting account to keep your site files.
  • An SSL Certificate that will help secure online payments

You need to pay for these three features. The other features of the platform are free.

How to Get Started with WooCommerce

WooCommerce simple tutorial teaches you to use the Bluehost website. You pick a plan for your hosting account. 

You can either pick the basic or plus plans and upgrade them in the future. The next step is to register your domain name or your existing domain name. 

You should make use of keywords in your domain name to help people locate you easily.

Set up Your WooCommerce and WordPress

Many hosting companies come with their installation process. For Bluehost, it automatically installs WordPress for the user.

WooCommerce Simple Tutorial

The WooCommerce simple tutorial will guide you through the step by step guide on how to install WordPress for others.

You log in to WordPress and the process becomes fun. Go to the setting page and customize your website page the way you want.

Why you need the WooCommerce simple tutorial

How to Properly Setup WooCommerce

WooCommerce simple tutorial will help you set up your store. Simply go to the Plugins » Add New page in your WordPress admin and search for WooCommerce.

You install and activate the platform. You add the features you believe will be useful to your store.

Most people have to read the WooCommerce simple tutorial before they can start the installation process. 

Add Products in WooCommerce

The next step that the WooCommerce simple tutorial will teach you is how to add products to your store.

The process is simple. You should visit the Products » Add New page to add your first product.

You should categorize your products to give your customers an easy way to shop.

Do not forget that image and description is vital for any shop online.

If you do not know how to achieve this set, visit the WooCommerce simple tutorial on the platform.

Select a WooCommerce Template & Theme

You will find different templates and themes to help you stay unique from most stores. The e-commerce is extremely competitive.

You should select the perfect templates to help sell your products or services.

The WooCommerce simple tutorial has been designed to give you an upper hand on the platform.

Installing Your WooCommerce Extensions and Add-ons

Extensions and add-ons are powerful for any e-commerce store. You can install as many of these features as you want 

The real power of WooCommerce comes from powerful extensions and add-ons. Decide the right ones for your store.


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