The scheduling solutions for business owners

We have many scheduling solutions for retailers, which have been optimized to help them achieve more within a short time.

Several scheduling solutions offer support for payroll, flexible schedules, and manage schedules around locations.

Scheduling solutions

With these scheduling solutions, you can become more productive and effective. We have rounded some of the scheduling solutions.

Types of scheduling solutions


Homebase is among the scheduling solutions you can use for your business, It provides amazing upside for small businesses and retailers.

It offers an intuitive interface, Live error tracking, and a plethora of integrations.


It provides free offerings such as a GPS-powered timesheet, Live error tracking, an intuitive interface, a plethora of integrations, and mobile scheduling applications for iOS and Android.

These features help in offering transparency and flexibility through simple communication tools.


It offers a free basic plan for businesses with one location.  Homebase has the upgraded Essentials plan, which offers advanced communication and optimization features.

The Essentials plan is $19.95 per month, while the Plus tier is $49.95 per month and provides extra labor law compliance tools.

Worx Scheduling

Worx Scheduling is among the scheduling solutions that simplifies the payroll process and offers management overview and approval options.

The model makes use of automated tools for building multiple schedules. It limits the individual components and notifications to users for whom they are relevant.

Scheduling solutions


Scheduling solutions such as Worx Scheduling offers templates to simplify the process.


Scheduling solutions such as this model are customized for each business.


ShiftNote is among the scheduling solutions that help you stay focused without losing communication.  It promotes effective communication between employees and managers.

It can be accessed nearly anywhere. Employees can login and view their schedules from their phones. With scheduling solutions such as ShiftNote, you can save schedule templates.


Each plan comes with a manager logbook. They support an unlimited number of users and locations. However, users require the higher tier if they want scheduling tools.

With these tools, users can detect overtime, forecast labor and sales data, and create schedules manually or with automatic templates based on performance and budget.

They can also assign multiple positions.


The model has two plans without long-term contracts.

Great Scheduling Solutions

Reflexis ONE

Reflexis ONE is among the scheduling solutions that work as a midsize retail workforce management platform.

It features reporting, budgeting, and forecasting. Scheduling solutions such as this model offers an employee scheduler.


It makes use of an AI-powered labor forecasting system to schedule the proper teams across various work sites.


Contact the company directly for pricing information.


OpenSimSim is among the scheduling platforms, which offers an unlimited-use employee scheduler.



Users craft schedules within the browser interface. They can publish a schedule, employees will receive notification in real-time.

Scheduling solutions


OpenSimSim offers small businesses a free plan, which covers one department in a single location that has up to 10 crew members on the schedule.

Its Starter plan costs $12.99 a month and can handle scheduling for two departments per location and an unlimited number of workers.

The Premium plan costs $33.99 a month, while the Enterprise plan can accommodate scheduling for unlimited departments and locations.

Excel spreadsheets

For businesses with little staff and who want scheduling solutions that are easier to work with, they can work with Excel spreadsheets.

With Excel spreadsheets, you can do a lot schedule.  However, users have to email the spreadsheets manually or post a physical copy in your store.


Excel comes with templates for scheduling systems. You can download some of the professionally made, responsive employee schedules.

Excel has premade formulas, which allow you to categorize shifts in a back-end organizer so you can calculate weekly and monthly wages, keep track of employees’ hours, and watch for overtime.


A Microsoft 365 subscription for businesses has the Basic plan, which costs $5 per user for the online versions of the applications.

The Business Standard plan costs $12.50 a month per user and includes desktop applications. The Premium plan is $20 a month per user and adds more cybersecurity tools.




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