Top Instagram Analytics Tools Pros and Cons

We have many top Instagram analytics tools for business owners. For businesses that want to up their games on Instagram, using analytics tools can offer them actionable, valuable, insights.

However, the top Instagram analytics tools depend on what a business wants to achieve, the size of the business, and the data structures, including others.

Top Instagram Analytics Tools

We have many top Instagram analytics tools to make our selection, and that can be a daunting process. We have made it easier for you with a cut down on the best of these tools.

The top Instagram analytics tools            

We have outlined some of the top Instagram analytics tools with their pros and cons. With these top Instagram analytics tools, you can improve your revenue target.

Sprout Social

On the app’s website, it stated that Sprout Social could highlight their Instagram analytics tools’ ‘quick insights’, show the posts that perform best, and track engagement.

It also measures ROI by comparing both paid and organic campaigns. It can report across multiple profiles to compare performance and its post-publishing tool.

Sprout Social Pros:  The app provides conferences, including online webinars to educate business owners how to optimize the tools.

It offers to schedule Instagram posts in an easy and clear method. Business owners can share a post across social media platforms through Sprout Social.

The app allows you to manage all your business platforms, including multiple businesses. That makes it one of the top Instagram analytics tools for social media managers handling different clients.

Sprout Social Cons:  The app does not include analytics for your business page. A social media with enough time to spare could best use the app.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is one of the top Instagram analytics tools to use.  It can help business owners know their target audience by highlighting their top fans.

The app can help businesses monitor the performance of their stories to track impression, true reach, and measure engagement.

Union Metrics offers businesses information on how to do better with their content optimization and the type of posts their audience will like.

UM is among the top Instagram analytics tools that archives information for future reference.

UM Pros:  The hashtag tracker helps users in getting the best hashtags for their projects. Some aspects of the app can be used free and it handles a huge amount of data.

UM Cons: For businesses with multiple accounts, UM might be pricey for them, depending on what they want to do with the app. However, some users complain of slow load.

Top Instagram Analytics Tools

The top Instagram analytics tools to use


Top Instagram analytics tools such as Iconosquare offer users a 14 day free trial for their Instagram analytics tool. They can share their performance reports with others through emails the app sends.

It has a benchmarking feature, which lets business owners track their performance against their competitors.

Top Instagram analytics tools such as Iconosquare include a content calendar to plan and schedule Instagram content.

It also includes the chance to tag other accounts and add locations for more engagement.

Iconosquare Pros: The Instagram Stories analytics feature is great for marketing campaigns. The app is easy to use when stories are a part of the marketing strategy.

The tool offers users a breakdown of the demographic details of their target audience, according to locations, age ranges, and gender split.

Iconosquare Cons: The Iconosquare’s categorization could be confusing when it comes to the names of the categories.

Posting large images might have to be resized for Iconosquare, and the company’s email updates, while useful, can be somewhat frequent.


Top Instagram analytics tools such as Squarelovin focus on what drives active audience engagement, and how businesses can optimize performance.

Squarelovin Pros:  Squarelovin is one of the top Instagram analytics tools that you can use for free.

Squarelovin Cons: The monthly analysis squarelovin offers doesn’t start right away (it begins after the first month).

Top Instagram Analytics Tools



Keyhole is among the top Instagram analytics tools, which offers the opportunity to understand a business growth strategies, including the competitors.

Businesses can set up feeds to track specific competitor accounts.

Keyhole Pros: The tool tracks web mentions to show you what other people are saying about your company, which can make it really easy to find influencers. The app is treasonably priced.

Keyhole Cons: Users noted that the actual tool is a bit different from the free trial version. Also, if you don’t put your trackers in place from the get-go, it can be tough to set them up later down the line.


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