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Ecommerce Application service for Online Business

The ecommerce application service is determined by the application layer service of e-commerce. 

This ecommerce application service comes in three distinct types which are; consumer to the business application, business-to-business application, and intra-organizational application.

Ecommerce Application Services

Information Brokerage and Management Layer

The problem of dealing with an excessive amount of information on networks is more like the major function of this layer.

These works as a middleman whose function is to enhance better communication between the information providers and the customers.

We have it in mind certain restrictions such as lower cost, speedy services, or client’s profit maximization should be considered. 

Take, for instance, someone who intends to move the USA from Bangladesh. The person looks for the optimum cost of tickets and services while surveying various airline sites. 

Hence, the person must be conversant with the airline site’s websites. More so, to determine the optimum cost and service.

The person will input the details of the journey repeatedly in the various sites. With the help of ecommerce application service, is served better.

This is but a hint on how information brokerage can be of great relevance.

How ecommerce application service functions

Information management and traditional transaction services are some other functions of brokerage.

 The brokerage can deal with more complex time-consuming updates or future compensating transactions.

Interface and Support Services

The interface layer is the third layer to be discussed. There is better communication for e-commerce applications via this layer.

This layer enables a better linkage between the catalogs and enhances directory support services, especially for ecommerce application service.

Ecommerce Application Services

The interface personalized to customer applications is the linked catalogs e.g home shopping. 

There is a similarity between a paper-based catalog and an interactive catalog. 

They only differ in that interactive catalog can use graphics and videos hence, making the advert more appealing to view.

To search and access data are one of the functions of directory service with the help of an ecommerce application service.

 Enormous data and organization transactions are part of the functions of directories and this enhances e-commerce.

Directory support services communicate directly with software applications while the Interactive catalog deal with people, this is the major difference between the two.

Means to send and receive messages in any business is a problem. 

There are common ways we send messages e.g. through phone, courier services, and fax but then many troubles arise from them.

 For instance, with the phone, the battery might be flat, or if with talk about the courier services, instant messages can’t be delivered due to the distance for which the message is required. 

Electronic messaging services like e-mail, enhanced fax, and EDI are the remedy to this inconvenience.

The operation of businesses has been transformed by e-messaging. The rapid ability to access data at a unit time across various workspace is the major advantage of electronic messaging.

The major shortcomings of electronic messaging include; confidentiality through data encryption and authentication techniques.

Ecommerce Application Services

Security and privacy.

Ecommerce application service was introduced to enhance the huge growth of networks, improve client-server technology, and great communication between various platforms. 

These services link diverse software program and enable a better communication platform.

Network Infrastructure

The customer and the seller must have a great means of communication before there be anything like an ecommerce application service. 

For this, the network infrastructure is required to support the ecommerce application service. 

We made use of inefficient, old, and long-distance telephone companies for our networked computers in the olden days.

The computers were linked via the telephone company lines. 

Once there is a connection with a computer, information, travel via that unit lane. 

 Telephone company switching equipment (both mechanical and computerized) selected specific telephone lines, or circuits, that were connected to create the single path between the caller and the receiver. 

This centrally controlled, single-connection model is known as circuit switching in ecommerce application service.

Classification of ecommerce application service

This is the classification of e-commerce applications :

Electronic Market

This is a meeting point for the marketers (buyer and seller). E-market takes care of online banking operations. 

In an ecommerce application service, the business center is not a physical building. 

But it is a network-based location where business activities occur e-marketing do not require a physical office.

The ecommerce application service requires only a network location to enable trading.

In e-marketing, the transacting partners are not only in different locations connected via networks, they might not even know each other.


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