The best website builders for small business review

Are you thinking of using any of the best website builders for small business? With the number of these website builders available, we have listed a few great ones for you.

To compare the best website builders for small business, we have made it easier with the highlights of each of our listed website builders.

Best Website Builders

We know how important it is to have a website. However, you should select the right website builder to offer your clients the perfect platform.

With a website, you can make your business stand out professionally and provide better flexibility for your customization.

How to choose the best website builders for small business

How do you pick the right best website builders for small business?  The selection process depends on the need of a website owner.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

Affordability: You should consider the affordability of the website builder if you are a small business owner.

You need a website builder that will help your business grow at an affordable rate.

Ease of use:  The website builder should offer ease of use.  It should allow you to learn and experiment with its different features and templates.

This means you should be able to add the following:

  • The basic web pages that your business need such as the about page, home page, contact page, and services page.
  • Advanced features like video content and image galleries.

Elements such as a booking or reservation system, a blog, an online store, or membership features.

Search engine friendliness:  The best website builders for small business should feature search engine friendliness.

The site content should offer target keywords results and other SEO-oriented results.

Types of the best website builders for small business

Self-Hosted WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world.  It comes scalable, flexible, and easy to use. The content management system (CMS) is outstanding with its features.

We have two versions of WordPress, and The self-hosted version is that suits small business owners.

This version is more flexible and easy to operate.


  • Easily Manage Your Website Content. …
  • Unlimited Pages, Posts, Products & More. …
  • Integrated News & Blog Posting. …
  • Flexible Post Scheduling. …
  • Restore Deleted Pages & Rollback Versioning. …
  • Website Portability & Vendor Lock-in Avoidance. …
  • Easily Add Additional Website Editors. …
  • Managed Website Security.


WordPress is completely free and open-source. The website builder is available on most web hosting platforms.

You can easily design the site. It does not require the support of a website designer. It has thousands of pre-made WordPress themes for any niche on the internet.

Users can easily customize their layouts with the theme widgets and options that are customizable. You have complete control over what you do with your design.

Best Website Builders

Users can integrate drag and drop page builders.

WordPress offers tens of thousands of plugins that offer additional functionality to websites.  Some of these come as either free or premium.

You can add the following to your website:

  • customizable web and contact forms
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO tools
  • eCommerce store with shopping cart
  • forums
  • online courses
  • event calendars

As a small business owner, you can make use of WordPress.  WordPress makes it simple to use because it is search engine friendly.

WordPress allows you to integrate with every online tool or platform, offering unlimited flexibility for any type of website or niche.


This website builder requires a web hosting service before you can to install.



WordPress is among the best website builders for small business that is free. However, you need to pay for your domain name and hosting. is one of the best website builders for small business that is an easy-to-use, “do it yourself” (DIY) website builder.

The website builder allows users to create their professional websites quickly, regardless of their budget or technical skills.

It allows anyone to quickly and easily create a professional website, regardless of his or her technical skills or budget.

The website builder offers an intuitive drag and drop builder.  It features tons of website templates for starting your website.

The template designs save you the stress of struggling to build your website. You have unique templates that can help you pick that stunning website appearance.

This website builder has the lowest starting price of all builders on our list. You enjoy an extremely friendly website on a budget.

It comes with a fast and reliable support team. If you want an affordable beautiful and professional business website, comes to play.

Best Website Builders


  • Domain names.
  • Online marketing.
  • Monthly website updates.
  • Email marketing.
  • Online payment solutions.
  • Reporting & analytics.
  • Secure checkout.
  • Facebook boost.

Pros: is among the best website builders for small business that is affordable and user-friendly.  You need to sign up the first month for $1.95.

The website builder offers you a domain name and a professional email address.

Beginners easily pick their templates. You can easily customize your site with the drag and drop builder.  You do not need a coding experience to build your site with this platform.

If you have limited resources, you can make use of this website builder for your business. offers numerous tools that help business owners market their websites. This includes integrations with 3rd-party tools and resources for SEO.


You have to pay $1.95 for the website building software for the first month. The price tends to increase after the payment.

The blogging platform and software powers more than 26% of websites currently online. It offers both simple, no-frills hosting plans and a popular website builder.
Many of the top hosting providers make the software even easier to access, however, by offering single-click installations for WordPress A free domain is included with each plan, however, the renewal rates are incredibly expensive at $37.
When successfully set up, you can search the theme marketplace.

It support of the open-source community

It supports WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and most other popular open-source scripts.
FREE software with 1-click install

Trusted by millions of site owners

1,000s of drag-and-drop themes

#1 blogging platform

Huge online community

Frills-free web hosting

Support for most coding languages

FREE domain with plans

Well-known site builder included

Special signup rate: $1.95 for your first month of hosting!


HubSpot Website Builder

Do you know that HubSpot website builder is among the best website builders for small business? It has an easy drag-and-drop website builder.

The website builder offers powerful marketing automation tools and CRM.  With these tools, you can optimize your device and customize it for your clients.

The builder allows you to make use of its pre-built templates to create your landing pages, blog posts, emails, and site pages.

The HubSpot website builder has an adaptive testing.  The features allow you to pick from five different versions of the website page.

HubSpot monitors and offers you the best-performing version. The website builder offers you detailed analytics, SEO tools, email marketing, blogging tool, live chat software, and more.

Best Website Builders


HubSpot website builder seamlessly integrates with its CRM platform. With this, you can leverage your customers’ data to help you customize the experience for your everyone.

The web builder allows you to customize the site content based on language, source, device, location, or other things stores in the HubSpot CRM.

The platform is a compressive website builder for small businesses and marketers.


HubSpot website builder is only great for small businesses’ landing pages.

The platform looks intimidating for beginners.


Wix is one of the best website builders for small business you can use for your brand. The platform offers users a simple and straightforward process.


  • Intuitive Website Builder.
  • 100s of Designer-Made Templates.
  • Customizable Designs.
  • Free and Reliable Hosting.
  • Optimized Mobile View.
  • One-Pagers.
  • Drag n’ Drop Website Editor.
  • Image Editor.


Wix offers more than 500 templates for small business owners.  You can pick the right template from the platform.

You can replace the pre-populated content with your own. The templates are easy to customize. You can take advantage of the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).

This can help users build a simple website in minutes. The platform offers limited editing tools. Wix does not have the same advanced customization features of many platforms.

Users can easily replace the text and images to customize the templates for your websites.

  • Remarkably intuitive Editor X interface
  • Numerous widgets
  • Hundreds of templates for specific businesses and other uses
  • Good mobile-site-building tools
  • Rich web-store features
  • Excellent uptime and customer service support
  • Many commerce options, including the ability to sell digital downloads
  • Free option


When you pick a template, it becomes difficult to change the template. You need to figure out the right template before you apply for one on your site.

  • Moving away from Wix could be a complicated process.
  • The premium plans of Wix are very expensive.
  • Wix is suitable for personal or hobby websites. However, the platform is not great for small businesses.
  • No built-in statistics
  • Doesn’t let you switch templates
HubSpot Wix
Distraction-free blog editor
Schedule blog posts
Publish to social media Requires additional software
Mobile optimized
SEO optimizer Requires additional software
CTA creation Requires additional software
Content collaboration Requires additional software
Content calendar Requires additional software
AMP support Requires additional software
Analytics Requires additional software



GoDaddy Website Builder

Godaddy website builder comes as one of the best website builders for small business.  It allows you to create your business simple site.


Users do not require technical knowledge before they can create their website.  You pick any template, use the drag, and drop editor for customization of your site.

Users easily add essential website features like social media links, contact forms, videos, and more.

GoDaddy Website builder works on smaller screens.


GoDaddy Website Builder offers fewer features and design options.

Busines owners who want content rich websites should search for a more advanced platform.

The building of a site is not easy.

Gator Website Builder

Gator Website Builder is listed among our best website builders for small business.  It makes your website creation easier with a few clicks.


  • Strong uptime.
  • Well-designed interface.
  • Attractive, modern site templates.
  • Lets you easily switch themes.
  • Royalty-free stock photography.
  • Lets you sell digital downloads.
  • Excellent prices.
  • All tiers accept some form of payment.



  • Gator Website Builder boasts no learning curve. It has a library of professionally-designed themes to choose from.
  • Its drag and drop website builder software allows you to customize your website with Google Maps, images, videos, and more.
  • Its package includes website analytics, free web hosting, a domain name, and a free SSL certificate. It has a save history feature.
  • You can easily revert your website to a previous version.
  • Strong uptime
  • Well-designed interface
  • Attractive, modern site templates
  • Lets you easily switch themes
  • Royalty-free stock photography
  • Lets you sell digital downloads
  • Excellent prices
  • All tiers accept some form of payment


  • The platform is a simple website builder without advanced features.
  • Lacks a free plan
  • Few photo-editing options
  • Cannot schedule blog posts
  • Tiny app store


WordPress Gator Website Builder
Pricing and Plans offers a free plan and paid plans from $4 to $45 per month, free domain for a year on paid plans, 24/7 live chat and email support on paid plans plans range $5.99 to $19.99 per month, at least 100 GB storage, free domain on all annual plans, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support
Site Builder wide range of templates and flexible design options simple and user-friendly, fewer templates and design flexibility
Security automatic updates and backups, pre-installed SSL certificate automatic daily backups for $2.99 per month, free SSL certificate for one year on higher plans
Load Time and Uptime tends around <1 second average page load time, near-perfect uptime ~500 ms average page load time, 99.97% uptime (with 99.9% uptime guarantee)


In conclusion, you should take your time in picking the right website builder. While some of these platforms are great for small businesses, others may not suit your business.

WordPress is great for everyone, but suffers from hacks. Every website builder has its pros and cons. You should read the features and specifications before you pick your website builder.



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