The best small business WordPress plugins

Nowadays, the best small business WordPress plugins offer business owners an avenue to display their creativity and improve their productivity.

If you an online service as a small business owner, you would require the help of the invisible best small business WordPress plugins to help your brand.

Best Small Business WordPress Plugins

Whether you are running an online or offline business, if you have a WordPress website, it is impossible to ignore plugins.

What does it take to get plugins for your website? Some of the plugins are free, while others are premium.

In this post,  we have highlighted some of the best small business WordPress plugins you can use for your business website.

Best small business WordPress plugins guide

Each plugin has its specific functionality, making them vital to businesses. Every niche has plugins that can help it perform better online.

In case, you want website plugins for your small business, we got you covered.  Regardless of the goals, you have set for your business, these plugins can help you.

WordPress plugins are cool, handy, and useful to help you implement various roles.  If you are a newbie on a tight budget, you can run a WordPress site effectively.

The plugins to start with on your website depends on what you are doing online. You can start with the free ones or the premium.

You can boost your website, tweak your website to respond to certain responsiveness.

Reviews of the best small business WordPress plugins

Here are some of the best small business WordPress plugins that you can use for your website:


Getwid is the most popular and up-to-date plugin for you. It expands the library of Gutenberg. The free plugin offers you 29+ extensive Gutenberg blocks.

You can perfectly customize your website. It has motion control, media, iconography, color settings, typography, diverse layouts, and other features.

Users can create very neat-looking and uncluttered pages with the plugin. They can implement great sliders, and add banners & social media content.

The plugin displays social media icon buttons. It improves the classic Gutenberg WordPress tools. You can integrate new features with it.

The developers of this great tool minified inline CSS files, without overloading blocks with excessive tools.

What this means is that you can create your website without difficulty or using codes.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot is among the best small business WordPress plugins. It works as an all-in-one CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service platform.

It has more than 300 product integrations. The plugin helps you grow your business by improving your engagement, attraction, and impress our customers.

HubSpot’s free WordPress plugin offers powerful, easy-to-use contact management, live chat & bots, email marketing, forms, ads management, analytics, and much more.

It helps you see your customers’ interactions such as forms submissions, page views, email engagements, live chat conversations, and more.

 Strive Editorial Calendar for WordPress

Strive Editorial Calendar for WordPress is perfect for your content marketing. One of the best strategies that can help small businesses is content.

When you want to publish content, it requires to be organized. This can be handled by the Strive. It adds an appealing and responsive editorial calendar to the site.

This allows you to edit, add, and schedule posts. You can take a quick glance at what you have posted and planned to post on your schedule.

Strive offers revisions for your republishing old posts, including custom checklists for better quality control when it comes to editing.

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking is among the best small business WordPress plugins.  It is suitable for managing and building a property rental website.

It allows business owners of the hospitality niche to develop their site and list accommodations and other services.

With this plugin, you can accept direct online reservations, and synchronize all bookings across OTAs. You have more features to use on the plugin.

Business owners can manage any type of rental property with Hotel Booking.

You can manage all types of rental properties – from small hostels to grand luxurious hotels.

Best Small Business WordPress Plugins


When searching for the best small business WordPress plugins, you can consider the Yoast Search Engine Optimization.

The popular plugin cannot be ignored if you want an excellent display of your engagement. It helps you get more visitors.

With Yoast, you can improve your reader’s engagement and show you how to improve your content.  You do not have to pay to get this powerful SEO plugin.

You can decide to link Google Search Console to your site. You can generate sitemaps or set up the Redirect function.

Yoast reduces broken links on your site when it creates auto redirects and detects URLs change.


WooCommerce is a must-have plugin for your eCommerce.  Some plugins are created to help your business move to the next level, and this plugin does that.

You can use the plugin for managing your online stores.  It is adaptable, apt, and open-source for your site.

With this plugin, you can create your customized online store without the knowledge of coding.  You can use it and launch your new business site or existing ones.

You can develop and create websites for your customers. You can manually set up your new store by adding some great features.

The features include automated tax calculation, different rates, checkouts, product pages, payment gateways, baskets, and other functions.

WordPress Appointment Booking

The WordPress appointment plugin by MotoPress is one of the best small business WordPress plugins. It is a scheduling plugin for reservation purposes online.

The plugin is designed under appointment-based services, especially healthcare, education, sports, beauty, and more.

The booking tool lets users integrate their individual profiles and highly flexible schedules for every employee.

It allows the acceptance of real-time bookings of custom time slots and includes numerous locations with different services according to locations.


When you want to include the best small business WordPress plugins, you should include Jetpack. The security plugin protects sites.

It protects business websites against even eyes, unauthorized logins, or spam attacks. To uphold your site, you should include the plugin in your list.

The tool is convenient for securing pages and conducting image optimization. It helps traffic growth, improves your site performance, and more.

Jetpack helps you create sitemaps for the search engines to instantly index your website..


You can make use of WeMail for your multiple email campaigns online.  The drag–and–drop editor helps you create your email designs within minutes.

The plugin can manage your newsletters directly through your dashboard.  You have numerous email gateways and can switch between them.

It supports integrations with major WP plugins like Contact Form 7,  Elementor, WooCommerce, , and more.


WPForms is among the best small business WordPress plugins. It is a drag & drop online form builder that helps you in creating contact forms.

You stay in touch with customers because of the plugin, and its user-friendly dashboard is simple to use. You can use it for different online forms.

Some of the forms you can use include polls, payment forms, email subscription forms, contact forms, and more.

WPForms is created 100% responsive on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The plugin allows you to upload your media and files with the form submission.

The plugin has CAPTCHA and honeypot that automatically prevent spam submissions.  You can either make use of the Lite Version or the Pro one.


Best Small Business WordPress Plugins

MailChimp WordPress plugin is one of the best small business WordPress plugins. It helps in connecting WP sites with MailChimp accounts.

The tool helps users to add different effective sign-up methods for their subscribing visitors to their MailChimp lists.

Users can develop user-friendly and mobile-optimized sign-up forms, customized to suit business requirements.

The subscribe forms display in the widget areas, pages, posts, and other parts of the website.  The tool can integrate with other plugins and forms on a site.


Akismet is listed among our best small business WordPress plugins. The tool is one of the pre-installed plugins that checks comments and data in contact forms on a worldwide spam database.

This helps in stopping the publication of hateful comments on business websites. The comment spam discovered by Akismet are seen on the comment section of the administrative control panel.

The tool comes with a reset function for saving space and speeding up a site.  It allows users to see each comment history and helps estimate what the plugin has done.

 Timetable & Event Schedule

The tool is great for creating a clean-looking and uncluttered events calendar for adding background colors, event head avatars, characteristics, and custom column names.

Regardless of the business, including workshops, classes,  fitness studio, gym, or activities for kids, users receive exact, fixed, and planned events.

These events are framed with the Timetable & Event Schedule plugin. You can create a positive experience for customers.

This is supported with easy navigation, clean design, and fast-loading events.  It features huge variety of shortcodes for customizing your website.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache should be one of your best small business WordPress plugins. It helps in reducing the load on hosting.

It offers website content quickly to the browser. It offers users fixed HTML files from their WordPress blogs and substitutes vast WP PHP scripts for their web servers.

This plugin ensures that it takes less time to load the page and users receive information quickly.

Woo Sell Services

WooCommerce plugin provides users with amazing features to handle their display of their products, receive payments, and manage their orders online.

When you want to sell, it requires more than having WooCommerce. You can make use of Woo Sell Services.

With Woo Sell Services, business owners can sell their products and services in different form.  It allows vendors or customers to add their questions.

Customers can add ratings and reviews for the services you offer them in tabular form. It comes with a dedicated conversation section between vendors and customers.

It also offers conversation trigger emails, live notifications as well a dedicated service status widget.

Contact Form 7

Have you used Contact Form 7 for your business?  More than 5 million active users use the popular plugin.

The tool offers numerous contact forms to help you customize your website.  It has simple markup for creating different mail contact forms and mail contents.

Users can add them as ID and class attributes in your page editor with a shortcode for any of your form. Contact Form 7 supports Ajax-powered submitting, Akismet, and CAPTCHA.


Gutenberg is amazing for every business website. The plugin allows the crafting of modern, organized, and uncluttered site with technical knowledge and custom code.

You can style and arrange your page content the way you want with this plugin. You can create stunning blocks, personal themes, and layouts with little knowledge of HTML & CSS.

With the plugin, you can run your business website update and stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post is among the best small business WordPress plugins. It allows you to develop identical duplicates of posts or pages.

You can use it without the knowledge of coding. It allows you to reproduce the information you need with a click and saving.

You do not have to remake your web pages from scratch because all your posts are saved.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is designed as a shopping cart plugin for selling a different kinds of digital products. When integrated, you enjoy your eCommerce business.

You can sell songs, software, photos, ebooks, and others. Its core library supports different gateways such as Amazon Payments and PayPal Standard, and others.

Some online shops and business companies can display their products on the website, and customers buy them with ease.

Best Small Business WordPress Plugins

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications allow you to retain your customers. You grow your audience faster with it.   WonderPush plugin allows you to send unlimited web push notifications.

When it does this, it stays fully GDPR compliant. Readers who subscribed to your online notifications get alert instantly when you push a post.

It offers ready-made user interfaces to let users subscribe. This could range from a bell widget t the bottom of your page to the browser prompt.

The plugin offers WooCommerce site owners with an “Abandoned cart reminder” to re-engage customers that left without buying the contents of their shopping cart.

This does this by sending them a web push notification automatically.  This plugin automates web push notifications based on your users’ behaviors.


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