The top social media apps for small businesses

We have many top social media apps that can help in improving your businesss. Whether you want to use Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you need some apps to help you.

The top social media apps come in different functionalities for businesses.  We have rounded up a few of the top social media apps for businesses.

Top Social Media Apps

List of top social media apps

Here is a list of some of the top social media apps you can use for your business:


SproutSocial allows its users  to compile their entire social media activities into one dashboard:

  • It comes with an “all-in-one” social notification inbox.
  • Publishing, scheduling, and drafting from
  • A complete social content calendar
  • Reporting on all post’s performance
  • 10 social profiles (under their “premium” plan, more with others)
  • Keyword and profile monitoring


VSCO  is among the top social media apps, which helps in adding on to Instagram’s stock filters with their own “presets.”

The app lets you imitate film effects as well as edit images.


The Prisma app allows users to transform their videos and pictures into “works of art” using chosen styles from classic and famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and others.


Snapseed is designed as  Google’s photo-editing application. You can edit and select various effects and enhancements.

With the app, you can automatically adjust color and contrast of your images. It features a “save filter” function, which enables users to find the filter combination they like most and save it to use again.


AutoGrammer is among the top social media apps, developed as a social media management tool. It helps users to schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It allows users to upload a bulk load of images at once and then edit them from within the platform..


Boomerang is among the top social media apps , developed as Instagram’s proprietary “stitching” tool.


Later is a scheduling app, which allows you not to schedule posts directly. You can create a queue of posts and then receive a notification when posted.

The app comes with multiple-profile and bulk image upload of the paid platforms.


Mulpix is a well-developed Instagram search tool, which allows you to search for business’ keywords or phrases. You can find out the activities happening around the term you have selected.

Mulpix’ dashboard offers a better sense of the activity around r keywords than doing it directly on the Instagram platform does.

Top Social Media Apps


Ink361 is listed among Instagram’s top social media apps specific analytics dashboard for marketers. You understand what drives engagement to your business.

You can create “circles” to monitor the content from specific accounts and monitor/compare your competitors on the Instagram platform.

Top social media apps to use


Crowdfire is one of the top social media apps for desktop and mobile, which connects social media accounts.

It can identify avenues of growth, recommends content, and post that can drive success for Instagram business profile.


SimplyMeasured is designed as  social media ROI software, which is focused on three key components:

  1. Social analysis and monitoring
  2. Social attribution
  3. A social analytics API

Superimpose App

The app allows users to combine two photos into one and edit the whole.  You can mask your foreground photos or remove the background.

With the app, you can transform layers, resize, and use filters, exposure, contrast, saturation, and color correction.

Afterlight App

Top Social Media Apps

Afterlight comes with the following:

  1. 74 filters
  2. 78 textures
  3. 128 frames


Websta is developed as an  Instagram optimization tool. It allows business owners to explore competitors, users, hashtags, and influencers from one dashboard.


Showcase is among the top social media apps, which can automatically create an optimized gallery of Instagram images.

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