The business collaboration tools for small businesses

Many businesses make use of some of the business collaboration tools for their teams’ productivity.

The business collaboration tools have grown over the years because of the need to achieve excellent results, especially from remote team members.

Business collaboration tools

Why business collaboration tools?

How long does it take for your employees to respond to urgent emails or tasks when you send out briefs or emails?

From project management to communication, we have numerous team collaboration software that can help businesses manage their teams.

Businesses can grow through holacracy, which is a collaborative management system.

Types of business collaboration tools

We have listed some of the best business collaboration tools for businesses here.


Have you used Flowdock? The app is a group or private chat software with amazing features.  The team inbox helps team members read through notifications easily.

The inbox aggregates notifications from other channels, like  Asana, Twitter, and customer support tools.


GoToMeeting is one of the online business collaboration tools for conferencing, sharing screens, or scheduling meetings.

Millions of people around the world use the popular communication tool.


Most business owners make use of Slack, one of the best business collaboration tools.  It offers powerful message search, file transfers, and instant messaging.

It comes with many features and integrates with tools like Intercom and Trello.


When it comes to great collaboration tools, Cisco’s WebEx offers its users great features. It provides personalized video meeting rooms, which allows them to host and join meetings.

The app can help in customer support, training, webinars, and team collaboration.

Business collaboration tools


Asana is among the business collaboration tools, which lets its users to assign tasks to members. It allows adding team members to projects and tracking deadlines.

Asana offers a to-do list or calendar for teams to play.

Simple business collaboration tools


You can collaborate with team members, assign tasks, and set objectives with Dapulse.  Most people love it because of its visual design that is easy to work with and understand.


ProofHub is among the business collaboration tools, which work as a work management tool. The app provides a comprehensive suite of project management functions and collaboration.

Users can monitor their projects, plan, organize files, and discuss with team members and stakeholders.


When it comes to business collaboration tools, you can bank on Redbooth for your management tool. It allows you to collaborate and plan through different functions such as video conferencing.


Do you know how Trello works? Trello comes with an intriguing interface that is easy to use. It monitors projects, assigns tasks, and makes use of Scrum, Agile, and others.

Business collaboration tools


Wimi is one of the business collaboration tools with its ‘unified workspaces,’  that lets teams manage their projects. They can share calendars and files with the app.

With this app, employees can manage their workspace with the right-base system.


With Milanote, you can do a number things including blogging.  Teams can organize their projects and add them into great visual boards. For those who work remotely, this tool is great for them.


Do you code and collaborate with others? Codingteam is used for collaborating while writing codes. It provides you with a free ‘software forge’ that encourages visibility and collective code building.


You can use Igloo for communicating with your teams and ensuring that work is done productively.  The app let you share ideas and information.

Google Docs

You will always appreciate using Google Docs.  The app allows you share sheets and documents, and makes editing easily.



The last but not the least app when it comes to business collaboration tools is Quid.  It has a mobile and desktop version.

You can import or work live on your files. You edit easily, comment, chat, and use your checklist features.


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