Popular Online Payment Solutions for Ecommerce Stores

The popular online payment solutions come in many forms and options. When it comes to ecommerce, the payment option is the most of every feature.

Do you want the best popular online payment solutions for your store? How many of these online payment options do you know?

Popular Online Payment Solutions

The internet has many viable options for people who want to pay for products or services. Most of us start with PayPal when it comes to great payment solutions.

However, PayPal is not the only payment solution online. We have many types of these payment solutions.

Types of popular online payment solutions

Here are some of the popular online payment solutions.


Have you heard of the Due payment solution? The option is an innovative time-monitoring and invoicing tool.

The payment solution is great for small business owners and freelancers. It accepts payment around the world and happens within two business days.


 One of the popular online payment solutions is Stripe that comes with a flexible and powerful API.

For those running an on-demand marketplace or subscription-based company, Stripe is a payment solution for them.

Stripe allows you to integrate with many applications. It has no setup, hidden, or monthly fees.


 Popular online payment solutions like Dwolla come with similar packages like PayPal in terms of transferring funds. 

Dwolla’s API focuses more on Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments or bank transfers. 

Users of this payment solution can personalize their payment options. 

Popular Online Payment Solutions

Apple Pay

 Apple Pay is one of the popular online payment solutions. It offers faster and secure transactions. 

You can use ID confirmation for your Apple Pay. With your fingerprint, you can make your payment. 


 One of the oldest popular online payment solutions is Payoneer, which is available in over 200 countries. 

You receive payment without fee and have a flexible API that helps you grow your brand.  


 The 2Checkout is a trusted payment platform, which allows credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal for payment around the world.

It comes in 87 different languages and offers advanced fraud protection. The 2Checkout integrates with online shopping carts.

It let you automatically bill your customers with recurring billing.

Amazon Payments

 For customers to have peace of mind, you can make use of Amazon Payments for your store. When you use this payment, you offer customers a faster or secure way of payment.

Customers make use of their Amazon credentials when they use this payment.


 We know about Square as one of the popular online payment solutions. Square came with the magstripe reader.

It allows business owners to swipe credit cards anywhere for a 2.75 percent transaction fee per swipe. 

Users can send electronic invoices, and ultimately get paid, through the Square Cash App.

Popular Online Payment Solutions

Popular online payment solutions for stores


Payza is among the popular online payment solutions you can use to send or receive payment in a matter of minutes.

The payment options come with an easy-to-use interface and offer dedicated support. It is free and can accept bitcoin. 


 We know about Skrill. It is a popular payment solution like PayPal with features like low transaction fees, deposits, withdrawals, and exclusive offers.

It accepts payments from over 40 currencies and can be used to send text directly from an account.

Google Wallet

 The Google Wallet is among the popular online payment solutions that allow you to send money in a simple and fast way. 

The payment solution is speedy and safe and can be carried out from your Gmail account, browser, or smartphone.

Users can store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards to their accounts.


One of the best options for getting or receiving payments is WePay options. The payment option comes with fraud protection.

The payment option offers to Know Your Customer collection and risk management and can be used for invoicing, marketing automation, and event ticketing.

Intuit GoPayment

 One of the popular online payment solutions for your small business is the Intuit GoPayment that allows you to accept payments both online and in person.

This works for people with the mobile GoPayment credit card processor. Intuit can help you with payroll and calculating taxes. 

These are some of the popular online payment solutions you can use for your ecommerce store.


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