Top HR Management Tools for Small Businesses

Thinking of the HR management tools to use for your businesses, we have some of the best systems you will want to try.

Many businesses are using different HR Management Tools to boost their productivity and retain better employees.

HR Management Tools

What do to Know about HR Management Tools?

Here are some of the HR Management systems you can use:

  • Peakon: This system can improve and measure your employee engagement with targeted questionnaires, advanced segmentation, and personal surveys.
  • Bamboo HR: HR Management systems like the Bamboo HR is among the best. It is for hiring, preparing compensation, onboarding, and building your data analytics and collection.
  • Hubstaff: The Hubstaff is the employee monitoring software that can track app or URL activities and capture your activity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage.
  • ActivTrack: You can generate in-depth trends and reports for your employees’ performance. You can discover headed or disengaged employees on your team.
  • Lanteria: The Lanteria is among the HR Management Tools that are based on Office 365 and SharePoint with employee profiles, org charts, and out-of-the-box reports.
  • Gusto: This tool works well for small businesses in terms of operating and training non-desk employees, and communicating with employees.
  • Connecteam: HR Management Tools such as Connecteam can help you operate, communicate, and train non-desk employees with an amazing tool.

This tool is for communication, time tracking, scheduling, and forms.

HR Management Tools

  • Lattice: You can manage people with this tool. It features team agendas, goal setting, feedback/reviewing, and collaboration.
  • Zoho People: This tool is for customizing workflows, hiring, and featuring an attendance tracker and checklists status-view reports.
  • Ultimate Software: The tool is for wage attachment disbursement, tax filing, benefits, payroll, check printing and more.
  • Litmos: Litmos is a training tool that automates your business and tracks your employee, and offers dashboards and built-in reporting.
  • Namely: This tool is for onboarding, engagement, analytics, and payroll.

HR Management Tools Evaluation Criteria

When it comes to HR Management Tools, you should learn to evaluate the tools and systems. Here is a summary of what to consider when buying or using these HR Management Tools:

User Interface (UI):  The user interface should be considered when it comes to using any too.

Usability: Check the usability of the HR management tool. Can you learn it with ease or master it without difficulty?  Can the tool offer you user support, tutorials, and training?

Features & Functionality:


  • Engagement and Productivity: When it comes to HR Management Tools, you should consider their productivity and engagement.

Are the tool features designed to support the engagement of employees? Can the tool monitor satisfaction? Does it have productivity tools to help your business?

  • Employee Record Keeping: Do you see any functional employee database for your data or record-keeping? Can your employees easily record searchable?

Can your employee make use of keywords and filters when searching?

HR Management Tools
Human Resources Employment Job Teamwork Office Working Concept
  • Surveys & Feedback: When it comes to HR Management Tools, do the tools encourage feedback support? Can it offer work culture signifiers such as conflict, mood, and satisfaction recorded?
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analysis: Check if the reporting features are intuitive and useful? Does it support a variety of exports or visualization options?  Check if it is great in pulling information.


Integrations:  You have to know if the HR Management Tools are easy to integrate with other systems or tools. Check for pre-built integrations.

This feature is a huge plus and not necessary for HR Management Tools.

Value for Money: You should check if the price is appropriate for the capabilities, features, and user case? Is the HR Management Tools pricing ,flexible, transparent, and clear?

These HR Management Tools listed above are not the only tools and systems on the market. We have numerous tools that can help you with your productivity.

When it comes to using these tools for small businesses, you should only make use of the tool that can fit your business.



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