The best small business organization apps

To boost your business productivity, you may require the support of some of the best small business organization apps.

How do the best small business organization apps work? We have different types of this software or apps that work to ensure things are done rightly in the business sector.

Best Small Business Organization Apps

What are the best small business organization apps?

Small businesses aim to achieve productivity if they must succeed in their niches.  How do you remember the plethora of tasks or manage time if you do not have virtual support?

You can check out the app or Apple store for the following best small business organization apps:

For those who are busy and forget some of the basic chores to be carried out, they need the help of  The app offers reminders, notes, and a to-do list, notes.

Business owners can share their tasks or lists with others.  It offers sync support between mobile, desktop, and web platforms.

You receive lists in real-time. Team members can add things by using its voice entry feature or speaking to it.


Todoist is one of the best small business organization apps you can use for your business planning or to do list support.  The app comes as multi-platform planner support with a clean approach.

You easily transform your written thought into a one-off or a recurring task. With the app, you can set your business priority levels with colors.

Business owners can share projects and have access to them.

Simple best small business organization apps

Best Small Business Organization Apps


With Cloze, you can keep track of business contacts.  The contact manager offers you an all-in-one network of your business contacts.

The app offers an email command center and social network capabilities.  It synchronizes your contact details from email and social media platforms.

With Cloze,you have a command center for your social platforms, which let you update your status, tweet, and do much more.


Memento is among our best small business organization apps. It offers users a choice between the traditional view of upcoming projects and a more aesthetically grid.

It shows up as a widget and makes things easier for you to understand.

Just Press Record

One of the best small business organization apps is Just Press Record, a great recording software with features that make note-taking easier.

Your recordings are saved in real-time, and can be renamed too.

Powerful best small business organization apps

Best Small Business Organization Apps

Otter Voice Notes

For those who do not want to use an iOS device, there is a solution. They can make use of Otter Voice Notes instead of Just Press Record.

The app can record through a Bluetooth device and works as a transcription app as well. When you speak to your smart device, it makes notes for you.

You can edit your transcripts and exports them to text forms too.


Camscanner is among the best small business organization apps you need for your small business.  The app transforms your smart device into an OCR and document scanner.

This offers you the opportunity to convert your pictures into PDF or JPD formats.


24me is designed to offer you support as a virtual assistant to ensure that your day is organized and less hectic.

The app offers note functionality, a calendar, and a to-do-list. The calendar is designed to sync with iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, and others.

With 24me, you get an amazing virtual assistant app that helps you keep your hectic day organized. It comes with voice control and can make use of Alexa, Siri, and more.


Toggl is among the best small business organization apps that keep time tracker for a single user or a group.

With the app, business owners can log times, edit, organize, tag, or organize their entries.


Pocket is for people who spend time reading books. The app is a great offline reading tool that lets users pick and save videos, articles, and pictures, for later viewing.



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