Top Pinterest Auto Follow Marketing Tools

With the Pinterest Auto-Follow tool you can search for pinners or boards (or both) based on keywords for your niche and automatically follow them. Following other pinners or boards in your niche will also help you grow your Pinterest account, because if you have high quality content you will certainly get noticed and people will follow you back, or engage with your content (like or repin). To find the Auto-Follow tool for your Pinterest accounts you need to go to the Tools tab, click the account you want to use for this tool and select the Follow tab.
In the Settings tab, choose the delay between each auto-follow operation. Also, choose how many pinners or boards to follow per operation. Make sure you set proper delays to avoid having your account banned because of suspicious activity. A good and quality marketing strategy takes time, so you should have patience and only follow a few pinners and boards per day especially if you are just starting. To make sure you don’t follow too many people or boards per day, you can set up a maximum number of people to follow each day (if you set this option to 0, there will be no limit). Also, you can choose for how many seconds to scroll the search page (to get even more results).
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If you’re trying to grow your Pinterest following, the Autofollow feature on PinPinterest is your new best friend. That is, if your best friend did all your work for you. Finding like-minded users and following their boards can take a lot of time out of your day, but with Autopin you can go on cruise control – just plug in a few guiding keywords and press go.